Choosing a refrigeration system that suits your business

Spring is here and the warmer weather is already boosting everyone’s spirits – just in time for the reopening of the hospitality industry on April 12th. But with temperatures starting to rise, businesses need to be thinking about the refrigeration systems they have in place and whether or not they have the ability to provide efficient cooling and storage following the extended shutdown.

By utilising debilitated or unsuitable refrigeration solutions, caterers run the risk of having unsuitable temperatures for produce. Fortunately, we have put together a handy refrigeration guide to help you pick a system that is best suited to your business.

Hotel / Restaurant Commercial Kitchen

Hotels and restaurants have seen the longest closure out of all businesses because of the pandemic, which is why on their return they need to have the best equipment available to help cater for the boom in custom.

The most appropriate refrigeration system for a large restaurant or hotel is a coldroom, because of the large volume of food that needs to be stored and kept fresh for a long period of time.

Commercial cold rooms are essential refrigeration systems needed in venues serving a high number of customers because they provide a sanitary environment that helps to keep food fresh for longer.

Bar / Nightclub

Despite the fact most bars and nightclubs don’t offer food, they are not exempt from needing high-quality refrigeration, because of the volume of drinks that they serve.

Whether your venue is a local pub, trendy nightclub or a classy cocktail bar, commercial bottle coolers are an essential refrigeration system in a venue that serves alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Illuminated for an optimised display and designed to keep bottles at the ideal drinking temperature, drinks fridges are necessary refrigeration systems.

Butchers / Farm Shop

In a butchers or farm shop, the most vital appliance in the shop front is the refrigerated counter unit as it helps to present meat displays in an aesthetically pleasing way, while at the same time keeping produce fresh for customers.

As an open refrigerator, it’s key that businesses choose an appliance that is energy-efficient helping to keep costs low but keep produce unspoiled.

Here at GS Catering Equipment, we have over 40 years’ worth of experience in the industry and can handpick the perfect refrigeration solution for your venue whether it is a restaurant, bar, butchers or something else entirely.

We are here to ensure a provision of advice and service to our customers for them to achieve their objectives.

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