How to improve functionality and save energy through a kitchen redesign

In any foodservice business, the kitchen is the most energy-consuming room in a venue. It’s also the place with the highest levels of activity.

A kitchen redesign can provide a multitude of favours to make cooking a simpler task as well as combatting unnecessary energy usage.

Here at GS Catering Equipment Ltd, we’ve listed the two key benefits a refurb can bring.

Improved functionality

A kitchen’s design needs to suit the everyday processes of a commercial kitchen. The flow is fundamental, for both the journey of the food but also for the staff’s performance. It prevents accidents from occurring and also creates a better working environment which in turn, increases the productivity of staff.

Prior to a re-design, the initial aspects to consider are the kitchen location/proximity to service and size of the kitchen area.

Depending on the size and shape of a kitchen, the number of customers to be catered for and the service style, the elements to consider is appropriate space allocation and equipment specification. A well-designed kitchen will also make cooking and cleaning more efficient.

Trust GS Catering Equipment Ltd to design your kitchen, our experience in the industry guarantees receiving a kitchen with ease-of-movement. As with all projects the functionality of the equipment must remain a large part of the decision process, the team can also suggest and install the equipment that would work best for your kitchen.

Energy Saving

A primary way of saving energy and improving your functionality in a commercial kitchen is through updating your equipment. A common mistake catering staff make when redesigning a kitchen is choosing aesthetics over the correct equipment. Don’t sacrifice duty of equipment just to make it look good or to save money as if it cannot perform, it defeats the object.

Choosing reliable, energy-efficient equipment is the main way kitchens can save on costs and power. GS Catering Equipment Ltd are on hand to canvass the most suitable equipment for you.

Updating older equipment is a sure-fire way of reducing a kitchen’s energy consumption. Changes in legislation have meant positive changes for newer equipment, which now tend to be fitted with more energy-saving facilities.

Once the right equipment has been chosen its positioning within the kitchen is the next main consideration. Placing two contrasting appliances close to each over can increase and waste energy, for example, neighbouring an oven and refrigerator is detrimental because the fridge has to work overtime to counterbalance the heat from the oven. Using multifunctional cooking equipment and energy-saving LED lighting is another way of effectively saving energy without changing too much of your operation.

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