How to make a catering design project a success

We have been fortunate enough to win a multitude of catering design projects in our forty-year history, which means we have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to planning a successful kitchen design project.

At GS Catering Equipment Ltd, we create commercial catering spaces that not only fulfil the operational need for a business but also create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing place for caterers to work in.

For four decades, we have built up an understanding of what our customers require in each specific sector and area they work in. There are, however, top three design considerations we prioritise more than anything, they are as follows:


Ergonomics is always one of the most important design considerations when undertaking any kitchen design project. In every commercial kitchen, there must be high functionality and a logical service flow, to minimise the amount of time the customers are left waiting.

That is why we always place commercial catering equipment in a logical order so it aligns with kitchen processes including food preparation and storage, cooking, serving and clearing.

For a successful ergonomic kitchen, it is always best practice to communicate fully with the catering managers and staff, to talk through the menu and what they need/expect when it comes to their new kitchen design.

Aesthetic Designs

Just like fashion trends, the world of catering equipment also has design trends that we actively keep up with that develop and change over time. This often leads to invigorating and innovative, thoughtful designs and some exciting collaborations with equipment manufacturers.

The GS team ensure we install only the highest quality equipment, tailored specifically for the project at hand, while also incorporating an aesthetically pleasing design concept.

Food Storage and Preparation

Busy commercial kitchens can serve thousands of people a day, which means an extensive amount of food needs to be prepared and cooked on a daily basis.

That’s why, when we operate on a kitchen design we maximise the amount of storage available, including fridges, freezers and hot cupboard units, we would also keep ample space available for all the various foods that need to be prepared.

Each project comes with a set of different variables and considerations we have to make to make the best optimal kitchen for a project’s needs.

Why not view our previous case studies to gain insight into the considerations we have to make for each individual project!

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