How your restaurant can save energy and costs with the right equipment

The pandemic has caused restaurants across the country to rethink their kitchen operations, while the lockdown closures and reduced volume of customers mean caterers are looking for ways to reduce long term costs and save energy.

Saving energy in the kitchen often comes hand in hand with reducing utility costs and by adopting energy-efficient equipment, you can help both the planet and your overall expenses.

GS Group has listed the three ways your commercial kitchen can save energy and costs through your catering equipment.

New equipment

Purchasing new, energy-efficient appliances for your commercial kitchen may seem like an unnecessary initial cost, but the costs saved in the long run are fundamental to your kitchen’s operation.

If your equipment is reaching its teenage years, it may be the time to look at replacing the appliances with newer, ‘greener’ equipment.

It is key that caterers purchase equipment that is designed to save energy, but often it can be hard to recognise the right solutions available. By speaking to a catering equipment specialist, like GS Group, you can identify what energy-efficient equipment is best suited to your kitchen and menu.

Maintain equipment

Putting a maintenance plan in place is an effective way to ensure equipment lasts the entirety of its lifetime, while routine cleaning of equipment – most importantly, oven and refrigerator seals, warewasher filters and fridge gaskets – prevents food and dirt build-up which can ultimately stop an appliance operating to its full potential.

Regular maintenance also helps to save energy and prevent equipment breakdowns.

Adopt ‘green’ practices

While the equipment utilised within a commercial kitchen plays a fundamental role in saving energy, it’s also important that caterers adopt sustainable practices.

Switching off lights and equipment when not in use is one way to cut down on the energy used and even turning ovens and grills down to a lower temperature during quieter periods can help reduce energy usage too.

Another way to help your commercial kitchen go ‘green’ is by providing effective staff training. By providing suitable training, caterers can adopt correct, energy-saving techniques while developing the positive habits needed to establish a sustainable kitchen operation.

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