Meet the Team: Amber

In the fourth blog in our Meet the Team series, the spotlight shines on our Apprentice Administrator, Amber Burrows.

Alongside working for GS Catering Equipment Ltd, Amber is undertaking a Level 2 Admin NVQ and a Level 2 AutoCAD course, learning key commands and techniques for producing high quality, accurate 2D drawings which will prove invaluable when applied during her role at GS.

Read what she has to say about her time at GS here:

How long have you worked at GS Group?

I’ve worked at GS for around coming up to seven months.

What does your job role involve?

My main job role is estimating and producing quotes, setting up job files and doing the post, and I’ve been introduced to the design aspect of this job as (our Business Development Director) Anna wants me to integrate me into that team.

What would you say are the top qualities or skills needed in your job role?

This job role requires someone who has a good eye for finer details, good verbal and written communication skills, a good grasp of IT and the ability to take a joke.

Describe in three words what it is like to work for GS Group?

I’d say exciting, satisfying and challenging!

What do you enjoy most working here?

The feeling of sending quotes is incredibly satisfying.