Laboratory of Molecular Biology

  • Location Cambridge
  • Main Contractor Bam Construction
  • Client Medical Research Council
  • Value Large Project
  • Date Completed February 2012

Located on the outskirts of Cambridge, the Laboratory of Molecular Biology has long been at the forefront of scientific development and breakthrough. Some of the world’s leading scientists at the Medical Research Council’s LMB have been accredited with 9 Noble prizes and many other scientific awards through their pioneering work, most notably the sequencing of DNA. These scientists work at a molecular level to understand and ultimately use this knowledge to tackle human health problems and disease.

The new building doubles the size of one of the world’s leading and most famous laboratories. The building design represents the X-shaped chromosome and incorporates state of the art facilities for some 400 scientists and 200 support staff, who have been drawn to the LMB from all over the globe.

The Kitchen and open plan servery, using a pod system, which allows staff to move freely around the dining area is a design concept introduced to GS Group by Tim Dunn Associates. Having embraced this highly innovative design GS Group was responsible for producing and installing the floor, the kitchen and dining area were logistically challenging for installation, one of 2012’s most ambitious projects. Being located on the 4 something GS Group thrived on accomplishing.

Together with some of the world’s leading suppliers of catering equipment, GS Group has provided an attractive, professional and efficient kitchen facility that will remain modern and timeless for many years to come.

By using quality manufactures for the prime equipment, this minimizes disruption to this busy kitchen facility through breakdowns and long lead times on replacement parts. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to GS Group, which allows us to be confident in all projects we undertake.