National Liberal Club

  • Location Whitehall, London
  • Consultant Macintosh Foodservice Solutions

GS Catering Equipment Ltd (part of the GS Group) has completed a prestigious turnkey catering project for the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, London.

​​The National Liberal Club is renowned across the UK for its established status, and although a membership is required, the venue is often labelled the ‘the most inclusive club in London’ for its diverse membership and fine dining & socialising space.

The Club’s directors were looking to drastically improve the venue’s food and beverage offering and believed that a refurbishment of the catering space would enable the venue to provide a more extensive menu and, consequently, one of the best club dining and hospitality experiences in London.

After competitively tendering for the project through Macintosh Foodservice Solutions, GS Catering Equipment Ltd worked with the catering consultancy to undertake the comprehensive kitchen refurbishment.

Our role within the scheme was to manage the project, provide approval of drawings, procure the equipment and ensure the safe and timely arrival of equipment, all within a tight five-week project deadline.

Additionally, we had to replace all the gas manifold, the water and some of the electrical systems – making this a full turnkey operation.

Since the club was open during the construction and the catering department still needed to serve their customers, the GS Group team were asked to set up a new temporary kitchen, in a separate section of the venue, so they could continue operating and we could carry out the works without disrupting the operation.

Before installing the new equipment, the GS team had to remove all of the existing equipment. However, due to the age and listed status of the building, we had to pay extra attention when removing the appliances down the front staircase.

The staircase was particularly monumental to the club because it was reinstated after World War II when it was struck by a bomb. Therefore, we had to obtain a structural report on the staircase when we were removing the equipment down the stairs to check it would take the weight of the heavy appliances. We also had to lay specialist matting to protect the interior floors, all the existing carpet and the marble floors throughout the entire front of the building.

Consultants Macintosh Foodservice Solutions led and specified the design which included catering equipment and fabrication from MKN, Rational and CED Fabrications, but we also enlisted the assistance of Keith Elkington Transport, as we required their specialist equipment to get the appliances up the prized staircase.

Another one of the primary roles we had during the project was to replace all of the existing gas and water pipework and the drainage and electrical containment for the central island within the catering space. At the same time, we also installed a new heated pass that was required for the new menu that the National Liberal Club was now operating.

As some of the appliances were manufactured in Europe, like MKN which is a German brand, there was a slight delay in receiving the shipment, but fortunately, we were able to obtain and install the cooking appliances within the tight deadline. Alongside the quality of their products and services, all the companies specified for the scheme were able to work within the tight timeframe and that was another reason why they were selected.

The scheme required a quick turnaround because of the club’s scheduled events. As a result, we had to ensure the kitchen was finalised and operating so they could facilitate the larger requirements for food they needed for their upcoming meals, events and conferences they were holding.

The National Liberal Club occupies a clubhouse of breathtaking grandeur and we were determined to ensure that the client’s exemplary standards were met and the catering area would complement its remarkable surroundings.

On completion of the project, our clients were delighted with the delivered project, and because of the quality of the scheme, we have been invited to undertake further works at the Club, which is a testament to how well we conducted the project.