The importance of belonging to industry consortiums

At GS Catering Equipment, we understand how important it is to work closely with our sector’s network and that’s why, for over 43 years, we have belonged to an industry consortium in a bid to continuously form strong alliances.

As a member of leading consortiums ceda, FCSI and more recently with ENSE, we have learnt first-hand what it’s like to belong to a professional and inclusive organisation that endeavours to benefit distributors and suppliers.

The benefits

Belonging to a consortium not only benefits GS Catering Equipment as a company but also supplier members. It helps to foster durable relationships through joint marketing efforts, training and biannual meetings to drive better business for everyone.

Being associated with these professional organisations ensures we constantly provide a professional service to our clients. This is reiterated further by the fact a member is only accepted if their experience and overall professionalism meet the organisations’ strict criteria.

GS Catering Equipment always strives to operate to an organisation’s codes of conduct, best practices and actively support their high standards.

Our recognition

Our commitment to ENSE was recognised at the start of the year too, when we were announced as the winners of the Newcomer of the Year award at ENSE’s 2021 virtual spring awards conference.

We were cited for using new ENSE suppliers and committing our staff to attend to the weekly manufacturers training.

We were also commended for using more ENSE suppliers during this time than any other new company, helping ENSE suppliers obtain more business and drive substantial turnover.

As a company, we are continuously committed to providing the best products and services and that is enhanced further through our membership with industry consortiums.