Three considerations to make during the commercial kitchen design process

Whether it’s a catering equipment change up, a full commercial kitchen redesign or a simple layout modification, designing a kitchen is no easy feat, so caterers must do their research before starting the design process.

Before committing to a redesign, caterers should speak with a commercial kitchen designer, like GS Group, who can guide you through the process and support the considerations you need to make.

If you are contemplating redesigning your kitchen, here are the three main things you should consider:

Equipment needed

A restaurant’s menu is one of its key selling points, which is why menu development needs to be at the heart of the design process. Before committing to a redesign, you should list all of your dishes alongside the equipment needed to prepare each dish, that way you can establish what appliances are needed in the redesign.

Caterers should also invest in the right equipment tailored to their venue. Utilising multifunctional cooking equipment can help venues keep up with trends and different cuisines and this could also reduce costs in the long run.

Utilising energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products is also important, as this equipment often combines performance with functionality whilst cutting the cost of bills. If caterers look at the full lifetime cost of the product itself and the cost of usage, they can ultimately reduce future costs and consumption.

Space and flow

Before starting a redesign, the GS Group specialists consider the space available in a kitchen and the flow of the layout for incoming plates and outgoing foods, primarily designing around these elements.

Not only that, but we also look at the preparation and cooking areas and make sure they will be designed to be in close proximity of each other for ease of use. We would always try to install the dishwash area as remote as possible, to ensure the risk of contamination is limited.


Above all factors to consider, the budget available is arguably the most important.

Prior to a redesign, it’s key that caterers have an accurate idea of the spend available and what the main priorities for new layout are.

When choosing equipment for our client’s redesign, we ensure that we propose the most efficient equipment available and tailored to the kitchen’s needs. GS Group considers both the operational perspective and energy usage that is available within the client’s budget.

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