Top design considerations needed for a school catering project

School catering facilities play a vital role in promoting healthy eating habits to children while providing balanced meals that contain nourishment and nutrients students require on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why, when GS Catering Equipment commits to a school catering project, we scrutinise every aspect of the design project and put a number of considerations in place.

In this blog, we will explore some of those design considerations we adhere to in a school catering project:

Cater to a large number of students

The UK’s growing population means that most schools across the country accommodate a high number of pupils: especially in secondary schools, which on average house around 1000 students.

When catering to this many people, we have to consider the equipment we will use in projects and whether it has the capacity and ability to perform effectively.

Whether it’s a refurbishment or new build project, GS Catering Equipment looks to modernise school catering areas by providing high-grade kitchens that will stand the test of time. We would consequently look to install multifunctional equipment like combination ovens, in order to cook many meals at once.

Ability to provide a wide range of balanced meals

With further awareness surrounding dietary requirements, religious/allergen diet restrictions and the increased popularity of plant-based food, public sector kitchens have to have all the equipment and supplies needed to prepare and cook a wide range of balanced meals for an array of diets.

When designing a kitchen and installing equipment, the GS team ensures our appliances have the ability to cook a range of healthy meals that also comply with students’ dietary requirements.

As a result, we would look to incorporate several refrigeration and freezing appliances alongside food storage appliances into the commercial kitchen in order to safely stow and separate ingredients.

Spacial requirements

Catering staff have an extensive list of responsibilities within a school canteen, they are responsible for hygiene and cleanliness within food preparation areas, for unloading deliveries,

they help prepare pupils’ meals and often serve these dishes once cooked. Catering staff may also be in charge of organising a storeroom, as well as being responsible for food waste disposal.

Therefore it’s essential that the kitchen operates around the staff and their processes and why we ensure all appliances are fully checked, scrutinised and comply with the catering staff’s needs before the project commences.

We understand the role of the caterer and that’s why we work our designs around the flow of their movements.

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