Why a new kitchen can aid a new menu

A kitchen redesign is not often on the list of priorities when it comes to changing a restaurant’s menu – but it’s often one of the most important considerations caterers need to make.

Today’s rapidly changing food trends mean that restaurant’s need to be up-to-date and flexible when it comes to adapting to cooking styles and new menus.

You can’t pursue menu development without first thinking of the equipment that will be used in the process, that is why GS Group has listed the main factors caterers need to consider:

Style of cooking

Different cuisines require different catering equipment.

Offering Chinese cuisine? RiceCooking Equipment, Table Top Wok Ranges and Teppa-nyaki Griddles are just some of the products you may need to invest in.

Or maybe Mexican dishes are being introduced to your menu? In that case, Fajita Skillets and Cast Iron Servingware should be key on your list of equipment considerations.

Better still, your new menu may contain a multitude of dishes from across the globe. In this instance, it may be worth investing in multi-purpose equipment which has the ability to deliver a range of different cooking styles, like a combi oven, for example.

Food trends

The past few years has seen the rise of new food trends, in particular, vegan food has become an ever-popular request. That’s why, it’s key that your equipment is catered to rising food trends and customers’ dietary requirements.

To comply with vegan practice, your kitchen will need separate cooking equipment to prepare any plant-based food so that vegan products aren’t prepped with any meat alternatives.

Separate grills and fryers, and colour coded preparation equipment are just some of the products that will need to be introduced within your redesign if vegan dishes have landed upon your new menu.

Position of equipment

Not only does kitchen equipment positioning affect energy efficiency and service delivery times, it can also affect the way the dishes on your menu are prepared.

It’s key to recognise which equipment needs to be used when, as this can help decide where to position your catering equipment within the commercial kitchen.

Need help choosing the right equipment? Or need a hand complementing your kitchen to your new menu? GS Group is here to deliver the optimum solution for your operation.

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