World Vegan Month: The equipment needed for your commercial kitchen

Taking place in November, World Vegan Month is a campaign celebrated across the globe to recognise the efforts of the vegan movement and highlight how to adapt to a vegan lifestyle.

In recent years, the demand for plant-based food has increased and it’s no secret that the public’s food habits are changing as many are now converting to flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan diets

Now, in 2020, it would be a surprise to see a restaurant menu that lacks plant-based dishes. If your restaurant is looking to introduce more vegan options to its menu, it’s time to start thinking about the equipment needed for those plant-based offerings.

Fortunately, GS Group is here to help, as we’ve listed the two key appliances needed.


Did you know, that despite being a plant-based food, anything that is prepared in the same oil as meat and dairy is no longer considered vegan?

To comply with vegan practice, restaurants need to prepare and cook food in a meat-free way. To do that, GS Group would recommend introducing a separate fryer to your commercial kitchen.

A separate fryer allows caterers to fry chips, pickles, Quorn nuggets, Kentucky fried-seitan or any other fried vegan delight that appears on your menu.


Last year, Burger King came under fire for introducing a plant-based burger that is prepared on a grill alongside its beef burgers.

Make sure your restaurant doesn’t make the same mistake, by installing a new grill within your kitchen.

GS Group can help you pick a grill or griddle that produces thoroughly cooked, delicious meals and most importantly, separates your meaty dishes from your vegan ones!

Need help choosing equipment for your new plant-based menu? Get in touch today on 01803 528586 or for further info.